His upbringing in Brooklyn has deeply impacted his worldview. The sights, the sounds, the music and the people have all left an indelible mark on Kieran's identity. 

Musician, DJ and Journalist

"Notes" and "beats" -- Kieran Meadows' professional life can be summed up by these two words. Both "notes" and "beats" are each essential elements in music and in journalism, the two worlds in which Kieran feels at ease. Both music (and audio in general) and journalism (and media in general) have been parts of his life for a very long time.


Raised in Brooklyn, New York

When he was young, Kieran had a portable cassette player/recorder with an internal mic, with which he recorded numerous "pause" tapes, exploring audio and sound from an early age. He also got to use his grandfather's 1980s shoulder-mounted VHS camcorder to shoot video and ask people questions on camera.

A product of Brooklyn public schools, Kieran began playing the drums and DJ'ing (and collecting vinyl records) when he was a teenager. After graduating from Stuyvesant High School, he went on to earn a B.A. in Film Studies and African American Studies from Wesleyan University. While in college, he honed a multidisciplinary approach to his academic pursuits and creative practice, which he still maintains today. At Wesleyan, he DJ'd numerous parties and played dozens of shows around campus. He also got his first radio experience on WESU, 88.1 FM.


The Road To Journalism

Kieran then spent the next few years working in the field of documentary film and teaching high school students video skills and media literacy with DCTV's youth training/ mentoring program. During this time he also began working for the TV/radio news program, Democracy Now!, where he continues to work part time today. His curiosity and interest in knowing people's stories led him to soon earn an M.A. from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism where he was a Punch Sulzberger Fellow. While in graduate school, he was selected as a Carnegie Corporation Fellow to be a field producer for ABC News' Investigative Unit. That year, he shot, reported and produced an enterprise story that aired on Good Morning America, World News Tonight20/20 and Nightline. The story required the use of hidden cameras.

Personal Music Renaissance

After graduate school, Kieran decided to end a self-imposed hiatus from music, which he had begun while pursuing a master's degree in journalism. He again started to practice the drums with discipline, as well as study and research music. He unpacked his turntables from storage and began to DJ again. He also began to teach himself and study Portuguese and then spent significant time in Brazil, particularly Rio de Janeiro. He was blessed to have the opportunity to perform music in southern Bahia and later DJ at parties in Rio, notably in Favela Vidigal and also at La Paz Nightclub in Lapa, Rio's main nightlife neighborhood.


From The Present Into The Future

Today, Kieran holds down a job at Forbes Magazine, as the Producer and Engineer, Forbes Podcasts and a producer/director/editor with the video team while he still maintains his gig with Democracy Now!. He has also been a regular contributor to LargeUp.com, a music and lifestyle outlet revolving around the Caribbean. He co-hosted and engineered the associated weekly radio show, The LargeUp Sessions, during its run on RadioLily.com at Miss Lily's Restaurant in the Village.

As a DJ, Kieran has played at, among other places, Louie & Chan on the Lower East Side, Above Allen at the Thompson Hotel on the Lower East Side, at the Jimmy at the James Hotel in Soho, Miss Lily's Restaurant in the Village, Spur Tree Restaurant on the Lower East Side, McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg, The Blond in Soho, The W Hotel Downtown, The VNYL in the East Village, The Late Late on the Lower East Side, and Meridian 23 Music Bar on W. 23rd Street, where he launched his own monthly party, The REFRESH. He played an integral role in establishing M23 Radio, which broadcasted live from the storefront window of Meridian 23 during afterwork hours.

Kieran currently curates, DJs and hosts the weekly music program The REFRESH Radio Show, which is a live broadcast during an afterwork happy hour hangout Mondays 6:30-9:30pm ET. The show broadcast from Meridian 23 for a little over a year until the venue closed when the building was bought. He then moved the show to The Late Late Bar, where he operates an independent and mobile radio studio, set up to broadcast live in a storefront style. As a drummer, he performed with ILLEGALIZE, a live instrument hip-hop group fronted by a male and female emcee duo.

Both ‘notes’ and ‘beats’ are each essential elements in music and in journalism.
Kieran is a media and music maven. If God is in the details, Kieran is a priest of the church, perfecting sensorial experience like a zen master.


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Kieran Meadows interviewing Ms. Nix, Jasmine Solano and Martina McFlyy on The REFRESH Radio Show. (Photo: Andre Power)

Kieran Meadows interviewing Ms. Nix, Jasmine Solano and Martina McFlyy on The REFRESH Radio Show. (Photo: Andre Power)